The Steinberg Stingers

imageI was asked today by a friend to remind him again why I use the name Steinberg as an online identity. I guess it would be wise to put this in the blog early on, as others may find this explanation helpful too. The story predates the shed. Predates the house even… You may have noted that my gaming history started in my childhood (early teen years really). It has not been continuous though. Lots of other gamers appear to have followed a similar path, where early gaming is full on and takes up most of our time. Then life takes time back! Work and family commitments begin to kill off many things we love. It would seem that some things never truly die. After being away from gaming for about 8 years, a job change and relocation led me to rediscover gaming when I attended a game club in the new area. The club was not entirely to my tastes as the competition gamers there were more hard core than I wanted to be. However, many gamers there were into gaming for the love of playing, and I found firm friends in that environment. The main reason for going in the first place. Enough history… Time to tell you about The Steinberg Stingers.  In those first steps to restart my gaming life I agreed to join a Bloodbowl league. I guess it was an easy way back in. Buy and paint 13 figures and you are in… In hind sight a 14th player may have been a useful addition as their first league results show how 13 is never a lucky number. It could never be the fact I have had a loosing streak that has lasted for the past 12 years. So the team only lasted for another season but the name Steinberg has lasted much much longer. Therefore, if you find a forum user by that name, with very few posts to his name, it is highly likely that my very short attention span has been there and done that…

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