Buildings, buildings, buildings…

Buildings, buildings, buildings...

All that free space in a new shed. It kind of goes to your head. With me it was the first time that I had found space to store my gaming collection all in one place.

Never before had I been able to keep everything to hand and be able to pick and choose what table elements that we wanted from shelves all about us…

Friends will likely remember when my terrain was stored in their homes (in stairways especially) as a fix for me never having enough space to store it at home…

I know many gamers that never have the luxury of space. I had never had this luxury before. In the years before, I had stored gaming boards in an old, leaky shed, a garden storage box or under a spare bed… Setting up for a game could sometimes involve a minimum of 3 trips upstairs and 2 to the garden. All that had to be done before searching for where I had put the figures I would need for a game.

I guess I went to town (excuse the pun) by buying half a city’s worth of buildings. The starting point was a range of town houses by Sarissa Precision. Great looking builds and easy to work with. Quickly followed by buildings from Warbases and 4Ground.

The picture shows the first of these. The others you will see in time, they are a staple for most games played in the shed and cover a wide range of periods.

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