A Tale Of Two Warbands. The Saga Continues…

We wanted more. I wanted more. I was too lazy to paint more (and anyway, my painting would never match the great job Felix had done already.)


Enter the new painter for hire… A local chap with a steady hand and a love of painting that I could never have matched. eBay user zulu1870.


A great painter and a nice chap to boot. Not his usual style of painting but he kindly found time to accommodate me, and the new figures stand out as great miniatures while still fitting the original warband’s style if combined into a larger force.


All we needed now was a rule set to get us started. War and Conquest was the game that caught our eye. Exactly how we expected a big battle rulebook to be, hard backed, full of glossy images and reassuringly expensive but with a large online resource already available, ensuring we would have army lists to use from the start.


Sadly we never got any further with this little venture. Mustering such a large force and finding time to paint it proved too much for some of us and we never got things off the ground. I still use the warbands for the occasional game of Saga. And we used them to help with the playtesting of The Valhalla Sagas (finally published as Valhalla). I would still love to get them out on the table for a big bash at some point…

It would seem that skirmish games have their benefits, and the ease of collecting a skirmish force in preference to a main army is obvious to me now. I will get my big game but will have to wait a little longer it would seem.

2 thoughts on “A Tale Of Two Warbands. The Saga Continues…”

  1. I love that about skirmish games. I only recently started to get into them, but I love knowing that despite having two jobs and a family and a semi regular social life, it’s still *entirely feasible* to build and paint an entire force! I’ve long since given up on the idea of painting entire armies for games like warhammer, but a small squad? Brilliant!


    1. Thanks for being my first comment. I started with games where we tried to get as many toys on the table as we could 🙂 fond memories but I remember the games taking a whole weekend and being bogged down with manoeuvring and extra rules.

      Skirmish games, or at least smaller army games, are the way forward for many people it would seem (especially the lazy painting brigade like myself). Time and money still guide my choices though in many cases.


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