Tomahawks all the way…

Saga was a great rule set for us. Is a great rule set in general. All great rules must be born and nurtured by a great rules writer (they probably prefer the term Game Designer, sounds more professional).

image image

The guys at Studio Tomahawk did a great job on Saga so we trusted in their skills and tried Muskets and Tomahawks next. One of my friends has been fascinated by the tales of Rogers Rangers and the French Indian wars ever since his childhood. He had been talking about trying this era for months by then, without getting very far. It didn’t appeal to all of us but I talked myself into joining in and I picked up some napolionic bits and bobs along with a few AWI figures to try out this new era.

image image

It also gave me the perfect excuse to buy even more buildings (notice a theme yet?). This time it was a quartet of old west log cabins. These are again 4ground prepainted mdf and were a joy to put together.

image image

I already had a few Wild West shop fronts made by Sarissa and having plenty of old west buildings will be useful as one day we will probably end up with a cowboy game of some sort.

Only time will tell if I am right…

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