No, I’ve not died

Hopefully some of the people who have viewed this blog have noted my absence over the last months…

Ok, maybe you haven’t.

I have, however, been remiss in not updating the blog since late July. Very poor form.

So, without any more grovelling for your forgiveness…

Question: What have I been up to?

Answer: Not a lot.

Just before I went offline I had finished some oversized wolves.


Which looked quite flat without a bit of deeper basing.  They got a touch up with some cork tile, and a games workshop crackle paint job using Agrellan Earth from their ‘Technical’ range.


A little banshee was also on the table and got a similar treatment, to keep in theme with my Gods and Mortals force, and offer some more hero options. (Another game that is never going to be played but gives me a great reason to pick up a paintbrush.

Before these were were even dry I was then off to the grand old USA.  Destined for the bright lights of Disney.

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