Do I Have To Post Game Reports Where I Lose? According To Some People I Do.

A friend asked me why I posted a Bolt Action Tank War report where I won but have not yet posted a report of the game where he managed to win.


Its my Blog! So my Rules!! Apparently not!

So, for the benefit of Veganman1961 (not his real name).


The game was fought in the rolling hills and hedgerows of France.  The Allied forces were trying to gain control of three objectives and took the decision to set up with the weight of their armoured column on the left and their recon section to the right.  They did not have enough vehicles to cover the centre too so were relying on rolling in from the left to support the right flank from the centre once they had won it.


The German forces were never going to make it an easy win. Using the cover of the hills and hedges they moved to cross to the centre of the field.


Soon that advance was being stopped by the heavy guns of the Allied tanks.


A key to the Allied strength was their very effective tank destroyer. This light hulled tank not only managed to destroy Axis tanks but was able to shrug off a number of returned shots.


Finally the Allied flanking move rolled around the Germans and began to attack the rear of the German tanks.  The loss of their Tiger II was only one setback that they failed to overcome.


As the Axis forces rushed to the objectives late in the game the Allies slowly reinforced their hard won gains and in the final push came out on top with 2 out of the 3 objectives under their control.


The Allies were victorious to the dismay of my German forces and out classed their opponent in all their manoeuvres.  It would seem at least one general was having a very good day….

2 thoughts on “Do I Have To Post Game Reports Where I Lose? According To Some People I Do.”

    1. Sometimes big is beautiful 🙂
      Have toyed with the idea of using our Flames Of War stuff to play bigger games but be able to keep the table a sensible size. Probably the only way to get those soviet swarms in play.


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