Tank War, City Fight. More Tanks, More Buildings, More Mayhem.

As the Tank War reports so far show, the tally of wins and losses are even at this point.  So I will let the next game push me forward towards a new win.


The table was set for a fight over the local city scape and would again be decided by three objectives. These were placed fairly evenly over the centreline of the table; one to each flank and one near the plinth at the tables centre.


The game played very differently from the last with the open lines of fire of a cities streets. The open roads allowed movement at much higher rates and resulted in rushing moves by tanks and made recce vehicles very effective.

Troops were also very useful as they could traverse the gardens and narrow lanes that the vehicles could not pass through.


The German forces this time had more variety of forces and this opened up more options for them. The Allies tried to hold their far right flank with one of their heaviest tanks. This decision lost them the option to benefit from its power elsewhere on the table. When they realised that it was blocked from crossing back past the canal, it was left holding one objective, but became powerless to help when they needed to reinforce their troops elsewhere on the table.

The final 2 objectives fell to the German advance and the game ended 2:1 in favour of the Axis. That score is representative of the score between us for games up until now.

Next time the results will change again. Will it be in my favour?  Lets hope so…

2 thoughts on “Tank War, City Fight. More Tanks, More Buildings, More Mayhem.”

  1. Thanks. The mirror was there for my daughters dancing but now works well for making gaming look so much bigger:-)
    The city block style buildings are as you say, dust and sarissa. The terraced houses are from warbases though. Very simple but effective. I have better photos in earlier posts. Post office, shop and pub are all present along with a couple of normal houses. Just want to pick up their police house next.


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