Latest and Best Buys.

Not much more on the gamimg or painting front to show you, so let me show you what has come along in the post lately.

IMG_1926 IMG_1925

First things first, these trucks turned up from an eBayer that I have seen a couple of items from before.  A friend went through a phase of buying Very British Civil War (VBCW) stuff which has never found a use to date. I have always wanted to populate the streets of my little town with vehicles and civilians so this goes some way to meeting that need, and at about £2-£3 each it made buying so many a no brainer.


My plinth from Hurlbat games has not made it any further along the painting queue, but now has a suitably statuesque personage on top. Queen Victoria arrived, again from eBay for a minimal fee.  Quite chuffed with the scale of her and after some bronzing she will be suitably situated for any game she is called to oversee.


The last item is a throwback to past games…  This is an AT43 UNA Fire Crawler.  Shown with a 1/48 scale KV-1 and 28mm figure.  She was sent from China (again eBayers in China provide a great service every time I order).  We don’t play any AT43 at the moment but I live in hope…

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