Dreadball Team Two.

A couple of weeks ago I finished a small team for Dreadball.  They were some very nice sculpts, Orcs (or Orks or Orx) depending on your upbringing.  They painted up well and I was pleased with the outcome (except for those horrid Mantic bases…)


So, as it takes two to tango (and play Dreadball) I picked up a cheap second team and popped some paint on these too.  Overall, the poses of these individual models, and the look of the team, with the futuristic armour and helmets, is great.

Once undercoated though, the detail on the sculpts seems to be less defined and painting them left me slightly deflated as the details blurred with each colour added.  In the end, I left them slightly more simply painted than even I would normally do.


Another small issue was that I did not plan ahead.  Blue was on the painting table so blue was applied.  Just like the last team…  No home and away strips as such so I had to add a dash of colour to make them stand out from the Orcs (not that the green skin and teeth don’t make the Orcs stand out already…)

Overall, Not my best painting experience but a second team all the same. If I go for another team I will be looking closely to see that the models have suitably deeper sculpting details before buying anything new…

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