Wolsung Done. The Finished Bases And Figures.

These guys are now done.  The sculpted bases went as well as I could have hoped and I didn’t ruin the miniatures when I painted them…  I have regretted however, using the oldest paints I have in my collection to finish off these guys.


Worm Purple and Imperial Purple were some of Games Workshops original paints. They are from the era of the basic paint set and creature paint set (anyone remember those?) Surprisingly mine are still liquid and I have very fond memories of painting lots of English 100 years war billmen in two colour jacks using this very combination.


The combination worked better on those billmen than on these guys I think…


One day I will realise I cannot paint in bright colours.  My palette seems to be more suited to rustics and greyscales…


I think in future I may try to stay with these muted tones as even when I use the brighter colours I often find them dulled down by the use of inks and washes that feature very often when I paint. I think it takes a specific level of skill to use those brighter tones. A skill I am happy to admit, I lack.


Back to these figures though, overall I am pleased with them.  Especially the bases. In this case beginners luck may have had a hand. If I expand this force (which is highly likely) we will see how well the second set of bases come out.

Lesson learned:  Stick to what you know, and let others paint in brighter tones…

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