Dust Battlefield: More Walkers And More Men. Yes, I Am As Surprised As You Are.

And the painting continues… Honestly, I think I may be on to something here… Or is it that I am unwell???

As the Lothar was done last time, the spotters were next up.  I think this is my first attempt at painting camouflage.  Looks ok from this distance. It’s unlikely to be an authentic German design but these are not authentic Germans…  My apologies to any button counters out there. I suspect my few followers are as unconcerned as I am over issues of authenticity.


The Lothar itself was given a dark wash to give it some weathering (not something I am skilled at but a good ink wash, like GWs Nuln oil or the army painter range, is useful to hide all the errors I make).


Next up, one I am very pleased with.  Panzer Prinz is an ace tank pilot who looks very good when painted in simple tones.  Again the camo and a wash finish this chap off nicely. The fur lining to his jacket came out better than I expected as well.

The rather large walker behind him is a slightly dirtier paint job than I was planning though. This walker is a Sturmprinz/ Prinzluther.  Its the transport option for the Axis and can be fielded as either a command centre or as an anti air unit.  I’ve painted both turrets so I can play either option depending on what I need in my force.


These guys are known as the Ghosts.  They are a recon squad with MMG and panzerfausts.   The camo continues and the lighter armour plates match the Sturmprinz colour scheme.


Why?  Because the Sturmprinz is their ride.  I hope to get them safely towards my opponents objectives where they can use their mix of weapons to put some pressure on the enemy tanks or infantry.


As I now have 2 medium chassis for the Axis, I thought the addition of their final weapon option would be useful. These are the Claw and Flak cannon for a Luther variant.  They give me more unit options until I get a third chassis painted.


Finally, I have now got my hands on the new Sigrid figure.  She was upgraded to include a sack full of panzerfausts and she certainly looks ready to deal out some damage.


The one issue I have had so far painting these miniatures is the detail on some of the faces is very shallow.  The sculpts are great with dynamic poses and clear easy to paint bodies, but the heads… Most leave something up to the artist to bring out the features.  Me, I have never been very comfortable painting flesh. Faces always remain pink with a wash for definition in my figures.  If there are no deep definitions on a face this method often fails to satisfy.  Well, maybe I should learn to paint before I moan about these things…

Well, next time I will be showing you the monster in the background of this last photo…

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