Pausing To Post About My Post.

The Dust painting marathon has paused recently with an unfinished medium walker and its weapons sat on my painting table. This is sat beside two cows and a goat that came in the Achilles expansion that supplied my new Sigrid.  Yes, I said two cows and a goat! What other game supplies such varied options of things to paint…

Dust is undergoing some trouble at the moment. I will not try to increase the fog that is covering various social media sites and forums at the moment.  Enough is being said by various people without me adding to the mass of info out there.  I just hope that this can be resolved to the benefit of the current form of the game and to allow the recent Kickstarter backers to get what they are due. I decided not to invest in the Kickstarter but I am keeping my fingers crossed for those who did!

I haven’t been entirely lazy over the last few weeks. I’ve got a game or two in and played with the various newly painted units as planned.  Losing each and every time it would seem.  I may need to paint up more infantry soon to keep my opponents from feeling that they are not being challenged.


The final things that can be blamed for my pause in painting are a couple of items from a Kickstarter that I did invest in. These turned up quite unexpectedly in the post, and surprised me, as I was unaware that these had been sent out.




Not many Kickstarters I have backed have been this close to being on time.  The project was run by Chris Braunston from the XLC.  This, purposefully small kickstarter, raised enough funds to produce a run of this exquisite preprinted lasercut terrain. I think that it worked out so well because they set their goals at an achievable level. So many Kickstarters run on and on and become unmanageable in the end, with stretch goals slowing the original production plans to a grinding halt. I invested to the sum of £45 and was rewarded with a set of workshops and warehouses which came with these nice shipping containers.



Unlike some of the prepainted items I have from other manufacturers, these are pre-printed boards, so have a high definition finish that looks stunning.  I have started putting these together and have the large workshop and container set done so far.



I can’t state clearly enough how good I think these look.  I always look at scenery as playing a key role in games as it sets the scene as well as giving a varied playing surface. These will look so good that they may make my other items look out of place…

When you get them out of the box they look pretty dreadful…


Then when you peel the protective backing film away the finish becomes apparent…


More photos to follow when the other builds are done…  If anyone is interested in the items shown here, or would like to know more, I suggest you visit them at They have a limited site at the moment but I expect, once the Kickstarter completes, they will have this range available for purchase.

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