Dust Battlefield: How To Lose A Battle In Three Simple Steps

Dust was revisited recently, with a fast and dirty game of Dust Battlefield played on a smaller than normal table. This turned out to be, for me, a lesson in not taking a game for granted.


Lesson one: Don’t get cocky!

With all my new units to choose from I fielded a truly mixed bag of units, as I thought a force of very specialised units would allow me to easily outclass a small force of SSU shock infantry with only 2 walkers on their side.

Specialist units, it turns out, are very mission specific. For example – fast moving units only work if the table is open enough to freely move on, and static kill specialists, once their optimum target is out of sight or eliminated, become almost useless…


Lesson two:  Don’t overreach!

Specialists cost more! This leaves a smaller force. Fast moving troop transports can quickly leave their support behind… When this happens, if they are not fielded in sufficient numbers, they will find it difficult to hold their ground for long. With my force, one transport does not a spearhead make…


Lesson three:  Never underestimate a lady driver!

Koshka… What can I say… One hero. in a medium close assault walker, looks like it should be easy pickings. Easy pickings until I find out that that hero has the ace pilot skill. The chance of a third action every time she activated, along with two goes per turn, provided by a ‘Get Moving You Bunch Of Monkeys’ command action. That lady driver was driving my way from turn one. Before I even had time to blink she was in my flank and causing havoc.


When I finally finished her off I had very little left to contest the game with…


All that was left was a bit of mopping up by the SSU. When the smoke cleared I had to admit that I had lost.


Lesson learned?  Unlikely, as I will probably have to see this happen a couple more times before I finally realise that all those shiny specialists have their limitations.

I still need to get the majority of my basic infantry painted, lord knows I have enough of them, but they are not so much fun to paint as the walkers and heavies tend to be…

One thought on “Dust Battlefield: How To Lose A Battle In Three Simple Steps”

  1. I think I learned how to use my SSU better after this game but still need to learn more. If you don’t mind me giving you another kicking let me know. 😉


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