More Lasercut Scenery For The Collection, Going To Need A Bigger Shed Soon.

Some of you may recall that I began to build the scenery that came from the XLC Kickstarter recently.  I’ve got the rest of it done now and a fine set it is…


For such a simple set of box style buildings, the effect is very good.  The designs on the preprinted boards are better than any photo I can show you, and you really need to see them close up to take all the detail in.


Their scale is great for our 28-32mm games, and they are large enough to give a good level of cover or block lines of sight completely in most cases.  You will see them in a number of upcoming posts, as they will definitely be featuring in a number of games over the next few weeks.


The containers and main warehouse were built, and the glue was drying, when last I posted about them.


The second workshop, or factory building, is now finished too.  These kits have nice little extra touches to them, like the air conditioning units that get stuck on the outsides. This gives a slightly more 3D aspect to an otherwise flat box building.


The doors for the large and medium units are flat printed boards so cannot be opened and closed as such.  So after much thought I decided to magnetise them.  In the shed has been a sheet or two of magnetic rubber matting for magnetising the bases of miniatures. It has never been used for this, but that was its purpose when I bought it 8 years ago…  This stuff is not very strong, as magnets go, but has been used to stick a few light weight things to other things over the last few years though.


It is, when used in long thin strips, up to the job of holding the doors in place for these buildings.


The last of the buildings is a more quirky, L shaped, factory. This will be more useful for blocking lines of sight on a table, or as an objective, as although the 3 roof sections come off, no part of the building is that big or accessible enough to put many men inside.


All in all, this a great little set of buildings that will add to my already wide selection of scenery in the shed.  The scenery collection in the shed is really becoming something that affords us a wide range of choice. With our habit of flitting regularly from one game to another, setting up and gaming on a range of tables from a range of periods is no longer a problem.

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