LaserCut Card – Better Than I Expected, And Some Excellent Finishing Touches

A couple of posts ago, I had a photo of the Urban Scatter that I got from Lasercut Card. At that point it was only undercoated and on the table because it was out when we wanted to setup for a quick game.  Since then it has been painted and a few new scatter terrain items have been added to the collection courtesy of ebay.


The colour scheme for the wheelie bins is very local as the bins outside my house are just like these, orange top – recycling, black top- regular rubbish.

The larger industrial bins are copied from my local corner store (the one beside my local curry house actually).


The petrol pumps are 1/43 scale diorama pieces from an ebay seller in Portugal.  A great couple of items at very reasonable prices.  These are aged and full of nice touches.


He also sells a range of signs in a similarly aged fashion.  All great items for adding extra touches to the buildings on my gaming table. These are destined to be put on my Warbases workshop when it finally gets finished off.


The last of the Urban Scatter items is this, now very dirty, skip.


Painted yellow as all proper skip companies in the UK seem to paint their skips this colour.

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