Warbases Workshop Finally Gets A Touch Of Love

This little Warbases building has been on the shelf for a good couple of months.  It was the trial roof for my bigger warehouse but after that was completed the momentum stopped and no further updates have occurred.  This is a lovely little building with lots of nice touches like sliding doors.


That has however changed.  I had a quiet half term when my daughter was home and I couldn’t get any games in.  I did get lots of time to break out the paint brushes and finish a few projects. 


The basic paintjob was a whitewash to 3 walls and red brick to the remaining side.  The whitewash was applied using a small piece of foam and some watered down white paint. A stippled coat of white was applied with the aim of getting an aged and heavily repainted look. This came out as a bit too clean.  So, the foam was dipped into my paint brush water (a lovely dirty, green tinged pot of filth) stippling that over the wet white did the job well.


Add in some of the 1/43 scale signs, a couple of bins and a petrol pump or too…


Just a dirty up of the roof was needed to finish the overall look (again a healthy wash of dirty water with a drop or two of army painter ink to darken it slightly).


Job done…


All garages need some thing to work on so a small collection of cars has been collected recently.


The Audi came with bullet holes painted on it already…


And with a 70s Ford Granada police car they are perfect for our Kung Fu games of late.


Our future games look like they will have lots of tough coppers driving about on the table trying to stop all the mayhem from happening.

VERY happy with how this has come out…

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