A Fistful Of Godzilla

This game was played about a month ago but as the post is only just getting put up it must be obvious to all that I am a little behind at the moment.  We wanted an easy but fun game of Fistful of Kung Fu and wanted to add in the rules for complications and VIPs again.  The last time we loaded the game this way I was swamped by a hoard of zombies…  not this time.


The table was setup to represent a warehouse district and had all manner of open spaces and blind corners.  Plenty of tall terrain was new for this game too.  I expected to see lots of sniping from afar in this one.


I had the Arab influenced terrorist while my opponent went for plenty of goons with guns and a couple of connected mob bosses.

My secret weapon was a MG armed truck (played as a bruiser with the long move, protected and big traits). The extra mobility and strength didn’t help it to last as it became a bullet magnet early on.  Maybe I should have gone for something not so yellow to help it hide better.


We also had a large visitor for this game, in the form of GODZILLA…


The game was played with the mission objective of ‘find someone’.  In this case it was all about finding the mob boss’s best gal.  She was hiding in some piece of undisclosed scenery.  All I had to do was stop them finding her, and if they did find her, I was to stop them from rescuing her.


Very soon I had lots of targets in my sights, where ever they chose to hide.


Godzilla had other ideas though.  She was just out to find lunch, and was roaming the battlefield munching down on anyone foolish enough not to run for cover. 


Sadly that was all to often my own men…


Nowhere was safe to hide and soon she had the scent of perfume and was off to find the boss’s best gal herself.

Surprisingly the dame survived the chewing of some huge teeth before being run out of town by the mob boys.  Sadly that only left my own men to provide pudding in this game.


The game played out nicely with all the random movement ending up where it made sense for Godzilla to go.  I would have liked slightly less attention from such a large opponent.  I guess I have something about me that attracts these things.

2 thoughts on “A Fistful Of Godzilla”

    1. Full on strangeness appears to be our norm at the moment. A friend has me working on a deck of event cards to be added to any game. It should enable us to weird up anything from lion rampant to AT-43. We may need more than one set of cards if we don’t want to get too out there… Even I draw the line at cyborg snipers in 1300 England.


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