Deadzone Scenery – Bigger And Bigger

A friend of mine popped over recently with his scenery pieces from the first Deadzone Kickstarter.  He has never managed to get this built due to now having 2 small girls in the house and lots of other commitments.

We spent the last few weeks toying with this and putting the pieces together in our usual haphazard way.  Mantic have managed, as usual, to send out loads of stuff but also miss out some vital parts.  An example of this is the landing pad, which came packaged as about 30 pieces but without 2 or 3 main parts and no instructions what so ever…  


We managed to build a suitable structure (with only a few blisters and sore fingers).


A couple of towers and 2 storey buildings later, we were well on our way.


Not too sure about the stairs we built but the overall effect is good.


My original Deadzone scenery is only a couple of storeys high and not too wide.  This stuff was delivered in quantities that allowed us to build larger structures.


The stuff is flexible enough to allow many shapes.


Lots of firing points at varied levels.


We are about to play a game on this stuff so I have set it up as a 3’x3′ board. Lots of cover and lots of height differences.


The game… Wolsung…  Not the most obvious choice of game for a set of sci-fi scenery, but the game should benefit from the mix of height and concentration of cover.  As we have also never managed to play this game (my crew has been painted for ages and gathering dust) it ticks two boxes at once…

More to follow soon.

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