Wolsung, In A More Traditional Setting. 

My ‘Old West’ scenery, originally built with Malifaux in mind, was out recently to play phase two of our Wolsung games.  Less height and more scattered cover makes any game play differently, but the game was just as quick and bloody if we weren’t too careful.

These boards are porpose built as a 3’x3′ setup and I thought they wouldn’t see too much use after we left Malifaux behind a couple of years ago.  Its nice to have a game on that sized table again to get some use out of them.  The river board can be swapped out to a grass board for more scenery to be added if needed.  Or for larger games it can be a 3’x4.5′ board using all three pieces.  The town is half old west store fronts from Sarissa Precision and half 4Ground frontier houses.  I just need some higher points to add to the variety.  A water tower and gallows would do that quite well I think.

Again the heroes went up and over while the henchmen covered their backs.  This was a three hero fight and added an extra couple of chaps to each crew.  Even so, this only left me with 6 Triad figures to play a game.

The old colonel was pushed about by the bruiser again and took pot shots at anything he could see.

My close combat hero, Phoenix,  was no match for the Ash and Oak’s Heroes this time and they managed to take him out and retreat before I could retaliate in anyway.  Strike and fade seems to play as a good tactic for these assassination games.

One of the triad tricks is to place smoke screens (mist clouds) as quick actions from lower grade henchmen.  Add in one hero, Mr Cheng, and all these clouds become acidic and harmful…

A good couple of games again and next up we should be trying the new missions.  I do need to find something to represent the many mist clouds I seem to be using in most of our games.

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