Wolsung, More Bases And More Men. 

The Wolsung buzz continues as I am thinking about new members for the Triad club I use.  A second starter set adds 3 more henchmen. These are copies of the original 3 I own, but 2 come with slightly different options, allowing new poses due to customisable parts.  Also, as I made green stuff bases for the first starter set, the addition of custom bases will allow me to change their look enough to make them individual.

I have enjoyed toying with greed stuff again and 2 out of the three came out as well as I would have liked.  The sand base looked very flat when I made it so some water effect was added later to add some more interest.

The Proxy crew I am using for the Ash and Oak club needed some hounds to play with one of their heroes too.  Warlord Games do some great little dogs in their Celtic range. These were smaller than I expected them to be when they arrived but look good when painted up.  I guess I am used to heroic scale dogs, like those from my Wulfen Jaeger crew from Empire of the Dead, rather than true 28mm dogs.

Basic paints done and ready for figures to be finished…

Water effect gloss done and they fit quite well with the older bases too (thankfully…)

The puppies (as they are now called) based to fit my old Empire of the Dead Zendarians.

The next table is now set up for a game and I hope to run the Ash and Oak club myself next game to give my opponent a nice surprise.

Just as I was finishing the post this chap was finishing drying too.  Trader No.2, ready to pop smoke all over the battlefield and obscure anyones chances of shooting my Triad heroes.

Until next time… When a second Fisherman and Shade will be completed (I hope).

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