Wolsung, Objective Based Games.

Another 3 feet of fun happened when we tried to play the objective based games that are listed in the online expansion for Wolsung.


The western town was back out for this one and gave us some simple terrain to allow us to focus on the objective (a small red telephone box) placed in the centre of the table.


A couple of proxies were used for the figures yet to be released and we were off again.  The Ash and Oak, with their wheelchair bound leader were fastest to the objective while the Inventers carried enough fire power to pick off smaller models that popped their heads up.  Shield spells were also used by the Inventers to good effect and covering every team member in 6 a inch radius.


Shields don’t work too well against hand to hand combat so the gentlemen decided to get up close and personal at the site of interest, the objective itself…

Overall this played well and added an edge to the game that was lacking from the kill the hero style missions from the original book.  The objective ensured lots more movement and led to closer interaction than the usual stand off and shoot games of late.

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