A Little More Wood.

Salute also resulted in the usual additions to the scenery in the shed.  Less than most years and smaller parts too.

4ground supplied the first bits in the form of these wire barricades.

They go together easily and with little need for trimming or complex gluing.  In fact, fitting the wire was the most complex bit! My advice would be not winding it too tight, this may seem simple but is harder than I expected when putting it into practice… keep this in mind if you pick up any yourselves.

I actually got ten of these (2 packs) for less than £10. A price that I think is very good. They should be useful in Bolt Action and Dust Warfare/ Battlefield as well as any post apocalyptic game. They may even be useful for the new Judge Dredd game if we go that way…

Sarissa Precision supplied me with a number of bits this year.  Yet to be painted but they will get a simple basecoat and touch up very soon.  These walkways will add the height to our games that we found useful when we played with the Deadzone scenery recently.  The scale is good (the only figure I had to hand does not quite fit the scenery I know…) and it should fit in well with a number of the other industrial style items I already have in the shed.

The guys at the show did not have all the bits that I needed so they were kind enough to post the extra parts at no extra shipping cost to me.  I am currently awaiting a couple of parts (longer straight walkways) but I will more than likely end up buying other bits from this set in time…

This little industrial unit was new on their catalogue for the show and looks great.  Simple, and easy to build, and the roof looks like it should be removable. This is however, too fragile to be taken off and on regularly (I broke part of it on the second time I removed it).  Mine will be fitted in place permanently to stop me causing more harm but this should not cause too many problems from a game play point.

My plan is to use a paint job that matches or at least compliments the workshop I have by Warbases.  The slightly worn look I managed on that building should be good here too.

Lastly I picked up something I have wanted for some time.  The Bandstand is a great idea.  It has little use in gaming but as a project should be fun and add flavour to the ever growing town I have hidden all over the shed.

All in all a great little haul.  Very pleased with what I have got.  The only item I regret not buying is the new Warbases cricket pavilion.  Again it has no great gameplay purpose but I think it has to be something every town needs.  Maybe next time…

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