Bushido Progress

I managed to get only a few minutes this week in the shed.  Not enough time to get much done but the undercoat was finally applied to the Silvermoon starter set.


The scale, when compared to the shorter Wolsung Triad Orcs, is notably different.  Even more so than I first expected.  Some will fit in with my Triad crew, sumo wrestlers are meant to be huge aren’t they?  Others may not be quite so useful for the other games we play.


When they are painted though, it will not be Wolsung that gets played first.  We really need to get some games of Bushido played. Just so that I can lose at another game. It helps to make sure that I feel that I have made another great investment.

4 thoughts on “Bushido Progress”

  1. I have some Spartan figures that I am mixing in to my steampunk army, they are just very tall chaps… I would not worry about some slightly taller models, adds variety!


    1. Been reading the Wolsung book again. Most of the Triad members are Orcs and should be smaller.they do have other races in the triad so I think I will just call the taller boys human equivalents. They are far to good looking figures not to use.


    1. Will do… Got sidetracked by other things sadly. Got some more Dust figures painted up for our game this week too. Must get the bushido crew back to the front of the queue again though.


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