Missing A Game Isn’t All That Bad. 

After what seems like ages we decided to drag out a game that has not been played much in the last months.  We dusted off Dust and set about planning a game one evening recently.  I dug out my painted miniatures again and noticed I had not added anything new to the finished collection from the unpainted half of the collection since the last game.

That made it easier to plan my army but added no new edge to surprise my opponent with this time.

It all went to pot though when work and family caused us to postpone the game for a week.  This left me with time in the shed and no game to play.  Perfect for breaking out a paintbrush and prepping up some new troops…


First up was a sniper unit.  A good easy start as its only 2 men…  A little camouflage and flesh had these done in no time.  The original Axis models come undercoated in grey when bought, so they don’t need a base coat as such, just the details picking out (as long as you want a fairly grey uniform look to the army).

Next was the new Wotan/ FlammLuther walker.  Slightly heavier than the medium walkers and packing an incredibly hard punch with Twin heavy lasers or heavy flamethrowers.

Some silver on the bolt heads, black cables and a few armour plates picked out in a contrasting colour (in this case an olive drab)and she was done.  An ancient set of Airfix decals (so old they were yellow and cracked when I unrolled them) provided some detailing and my secret weapon was ready.

The Axis has all the best toys so more Laser Grenadiers were prepped for duty.  One more unit and I will have enough of these boys to use the platoon rules for these squads.

To complete my medium walker platoon, and to gain the associated special rules for the upcoming game, I decided to run up a 3rd medium walker.  This time I didn’t get to leave it the base grey colour.  A little by accident, I dipped my brush into the wrong pot of my pallet.  The result was meant to be a heavy coating of Army Painter dark tone wash but I ended up with a thick coating of the olive drab colour all over the most riveted side of the body.

Always one to let fate lend a hand, I decided to continue with this colour and found I had to cover most of the model to even out the colour.  It does make my new walker easily recognisable as the leader of my platoon this way though…

All ready for a new game of Dust Battlefield now:-)

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