Warehouse District

Our Dust Battlefield game is due to be played on an industrial table.  Lots of cover and height changes.  A great excuse to get out my various warehouses and workshops.

Along with a bunker or two to add a bit of WWII theme.


You can see I am making good use of my barbed wire rolls and the walkways I picked up from our trip to Salute.


The small workshop from Warbases and the pre printed units from the XLC Kickstarter.


And the new factory unit from Sarissa Precision.  Now painted like the Warbases workshop using a sponge painted, layered application. Brick base in industrial grey and roof and windows in weathered black.


I’ve had some rust effect paint in the shed for some time and not often used it so it was a great chance to try it out on something.


Looks good on the window bars and the railings.  Not so sure on the door.  I think less is more with this stuff.


Overall a great little building that adds a little more to the collection in the shed. Likely to be well used.  Just need to get those walkways done now…

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