Dust Platoons

The Dust painting marathon continues, this time with my efforts focused on rounding out the platoon options for my Axis force.

First up are the Heavy Grenadiers.  Lara and her Panzers, along with the Flak Boys completed this platoon a while back.  Next up for these will be a second command option in the form of the Iron Fist Command Squad.  They are in the painting queue already.

The last medium walker that I painted completed the Panzer Kampfgruppe.  This platoon can be 3 walkers: A Ludwig and 2 other versions of the medium chassis.

Or: it can be the Ludwig, a medium chassis and a Sturmluther transporting a unit of Recon Grenadiers.

Now I have all of these finished I guess I can start thinking about rounding out the platoon options by using the Prinzluther variant of the transport and painting up a command squad (The Old Man).  These should therefore be moved up the painting queue I guess.

The addition of a Death Rays support weapon, always good for tank hunting, finishes of my Blutkreuz Korps Platoon.  This is the newest addition to Sigrid’s personal platoon.

It leaves me able to benefit from her platoons special rules which allows all her Blutkreuz units to ignore suppression.  A key factor in Dust Tactics/ Battlefield.

With that lot done I can build 3 small platoons or focus on 1 or 2 main platoons backed up by a mix of specialist support units.

The photographed units here, and the other stuff so far painted, adds up to about half of the figures I have. What worries me is that I haven’t even thought about starting a regular Grenadier Platoon as yet…

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