A Little Bit Of Bolt Action

We recently got one of the long postponed games played. We had talked about getting a game of Bolt Action played for a few weeks as this rule system is as simple and smooth as they come.  The ulterior motive behind this is the need to select a rules system for Coronasan’s Steam Punk Wars.  He has painted a hoard of colonial/ Empire troopers and is about to start out on the epic task of completing all the assorted vehicles he has scattered about his Loft Full Of Lead.  Bolt Action is a front runner in the list of rule systems to be used when we get that game up and running.


We went for a fairly large game and spent over the normal points to get all the options in that he would be fielding from his steam punk game. Troops, weapons teams and vehicles.

I had tanks, artillery, rockets, machine gun teams and anti-tank guns. As well as a selection of soft skin and light vehicles…


The battlefield was a village affair.  A good mix of cover and open lines of sight.


It left two sizable armies bunched up, trying to gain cover, by the end of turn one…  A benefit for my rocket troops, which were very lucky with close packed targets on the day.


The big guns found it harder, as they were not able to see their targets, or shoot at them, due to cover and friendlies in the way.


When the odd unit poked its nose out too far, it was often quickly dealt with.


Coronasan’s US troops were massed at the tree line for too long and could not run forward without getting shot to ribbons.  His tanks were out classed by German guns on this day too. 


The cover was hugged wherever it could be found and I recall 3-4 units camped out in this one bunker at times.


As the death toll on the US side began to tell, the Axis forces moved out and headed for the houses.


Happily feeling the benefit of the cover supplied by the remaining Axis big hitters.

This was very enjoyable, as all our Bolt Action games have been. So enjoyable, I think I forgot to take photos from the other side of the table.  It’s likely that these rules will heavily influence the steam punk rules we use in the end.  For that game, my wait may be a little longer though…

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