Age Of Sigmar… Ripples In The Water

By the time this post is published the new game by Games Workshop will be out.  This was once thought to be the 9th Edition of their long term title: Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  What it looks like it is going to be, is something very different indeed…


Age Of Sigmar is a simple ruleset – 4 pages instead of 400…

No more Army Books as every figure will come with a Warscroll…

No points system and it actually wants you to play with what ever number or combination of figures you want to.

Its also FREE to download from the web…

I had to look twice and then check it wasn’t April…

Even before its release these rules have caused much discussion and upset gamers who have invested a huge amount in to GW’s product.  I stopped buying GW toys a while back as none of its current live portfolio appeal to me.  Thousands think otherwise I know.

I still recognise GW’s influence in gaming and have loved past titles like Epic and Bloodbowl.  Some of its miniatures have made their way into my armies but almost never in the way GW intended.

I don’t know where this release will end up.  Success or failure it is a bold move for them.

And the strangest thing???  It actually looks like something I may want to play!

So much so I have gathered together the remains of my old Warhammer Empire Army. Ready for a test game in the next week or so.


So, I guess its time to rebase these guys yet again.

No, wait…

GW doesn’t even want us to worry about base sizes now…

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