Age Of Sigmar. The Game That Is Ruling The Shed At This Time…

Age of Sigmar has taken the shed by storm. Not the Sigmarine storm that Games Workshop would like us to generate but a more sedate ‘Old Hammer’ style storm. Much more of a storm suitable for a gentlemans shed.


Out came the hundreds (and I do mean hundreds) of plastic skeletons that Coronasan had tucked away in a far corner of his Loft Full Of Lead… Mine was a collection of very old Empire forces with some more modern pieces thrown in for good measure. 1980-1990 seems to be the era of most of the figures on show. So many old molds appeared that we spent most of the evening (or at least I did) going “ooh I remember having/ seeing/ loving/ wanting that one…”


Once I had finished reminissing and geeking out, we started to pile the table high with models to start our game.  Age of Sigmar has no points system so you just add and add until the table collapses or you run out of figures. The only drawback with this is it can lead to over loading the game and making it last slightly longer than we planned…  I have recently found that capping a game at about 130 wounds appears right for an evenings play but leaves it still possible, and likely, to be an interestingly unbalanced game.


Our first games were a reminder that moving 20-30 men at a time can get very frustrating so out came the old movement trays where we had them, and where we didn’t, we improvised with home brew quick card sheets. Not ideal and the card shows up as terribly obvious in the photos.  New trays are in the process of being made and acquired as I write.


Some things never change and undead armies are reliable that whenever they appear on a table, more are certain to pop up. So mid game Coronasan found himself raising more…


…and more skeletons (and ghoules and beasties) as the game went on.


I havent played with so many toys in years.  Over 300 figures were dredged out (mostyly on the undead side as would be expected) and lots of block style manouvering ensued.


Most memorable moment of our fist game? 120 dice rolled by about 30 sleletons in their efforts to kill off 5 hunting dogs.  After bucket loads of dice, and rolls to hit and wound, it came down to about 12 saving throws. I managed to fail exactly the number of armour saves I needed to to see them die to a man (or dog).


Who said tension could not be found in a simple game of toy soldiers?

Overall we are loving this game by Games Workshop.  Amidst all the hype and hatred for this game, it does give us some easy fun, and an opportunity to use some much loved past armies. Armie that we have neglected for far too many years.

3 thoughts on “Age Of Sigmar. The Game That Is Ruling The Shed At This Time…”

  1. All good fun and a great excuse to get out realy old models again!

    I am getting tempted to dig up my Empire army and slap some paint on them, but some of the units will be very small and not quite suited to AoS. Thats where eBay comes in!


    1. Can’t say I’ve been a GW fan for some time. I guess I fall into the Oldhammer school these days:-).

      A lot of people have the opinion that GW is trying to 40k the warhammer fantasy scene… Personally i like the new direction (even if it is only because it shows that GW can still surprise us…)


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