AOS: A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom For One Less Horse.

As seen in the last post, I have been playing quite a lot of Age Of Sigmar over the summer.  Veganman has been showing me what smaller perfectly formed forces can do to large disorganised mobs of men, and this game was no different.


Empire Vs Bretonnians.  Foot Vs Mounted.  Common man Vs The Nobility.   However you say it, it seems a little one sided.


He came along with nearly 40 heavy horsemen and a few archers for good measure.


I dug out my usual force. 10 heavy horsemen and what feels like HUNDREDS of slowly walking blokes with sharp pointy things (oh and 20 crossbowmen…)


Veganman decided to place all his troops to one side of the table and concentrate as much force on my largest unit as he could.  This left my army stretching off to the other flank as I had no room to deploy that many men all at one end of the table.


It gave him time to whittle down a lot of my troops before I could get my extra numbers to truly take effect.

In the end it came down to a bold (or foolish) move on my part. I moved my general out in front of his protection in a bid to form an attack on one of his exposed flanks. The end came when Veganman made an incredibly long charge roll, with perfect timing, to wipe out my last hopes and win the day.

Nobility reigned supreme this day and the common foot slogger went home with a lesson well learned.

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