More AOS And Yet More Horses Or I Think I Need A Bigger Runup.

As we have been playing Age Of Sigmar for a while now, we thought it would be a good idea to try some variation in the game.  So, we moved to adding in some of the interactive scenery options, and tried a different deployment option too.


Veganman brought over the Bretonnian force seen last time, but had tweaked it to be even more forceful and with plenty of heroes added to the mix.


I had tweaked things too (and read some of the warscrolls too) making my force up as detachments to get the benefit of the Empire state troopers special rules.  Also extra heroes and missile troops were added to the mix to increase my killing abilities.


It was crowded on my side of the table again as we had to deploy along a short table edge.  That said I was able to deploy in depth so was better suited to redeploy reserves and spread my missile troops between the infantry units.


The addition of scenery that could help or harm troops was interesting as it changed not only deployment but slowed the advance of the knights as they were funnelled into columns as they came into missile range.


As the knights stalled under heavy missile fire the Bretonnian king on his griffon charged forwards to stop the hail of bolts.


On the other flank my spearmen were able to hold the smaller mounted force while my knights waited to finish the job if needed.


As the Bretonnian King continued to plough through empire state troopers my reserves moved up to mop up any weakened enemy units


Even weakened units of Bretonnian knights are able to deliver a solid blow and continued to pound on my troopers.  This game would, in the end, have to be called to a close before a decisive conclusion could be seen.  The addition of scenery, heroes and short edge deployment added almost 1.5 hours to the length of a usual game.  As such,  we decided to call it a draw in the end. It showed me how effective a read of the rules could be and how much the empire needs to deploy in detachments and with missile support.

Next time I would be more organised and a little more difficult to beat.

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