AOS: Fighting Fire With Fire Or Getting My Own Horses (And Some Other Bits).

After so many outings with Bretonnians on the opposite side of the table, and the success of the detachment rules for the Empire State Troopers, I thought it might be time to try the Knights of the Empire rules.

My meagre 10 horsemen would not be enough to use these rules at this point, so new riders would be needed.


I went for a mix of riders in the end.  Some were Essex knights. These were picked up to add to my 6 existing figures (the originals were repurposed from 2 stands of a DBA medieval force).  6 new riders makes a 12 man unit.

A box of Perry Mounted Men at Arms supplied me with another unit and some old GW Pistoliers were found to add some true empire flavour to the mix.

A couple of old GW knights are left in the mix too and I am on the lookout for more of these but originals are retailing on ebay at about £12 each (castings from the original moulds are now available from Foundry at £12 for 3 horsemen) but the price of these will likely restrict my choices for the moment.

Watch this space for updates on my mounted forces…


Veganman has again been distracting me from finishing my empire forces off though.  He popped in over the summer and dropped off a big box of pretty things with the words “see what you can do with this lot if you want to play with something other than your empire.”


Very nice models and most already painted.


Not quite enough to play a big game but a good start for a new force…  I hate being so easy to influence sometimes.  Within hours I was looking at lizards on eBay…

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