Frostgrave First Impressions And First Figures Found

So Frostgrave has arrived and the world of chilly wizards beckons us.

Soon after its release the Derby Game show was on and we set out (or at least I did) to find myself a couple of bits for this simple but novel new game.  It reminds me of old AD&D games we used to play in the 80’s.  Wandering about looking for treasure and not getting eaten by Big Angry Gribblies in the process.


I decided to invest in a couple of figures to represent my wizard and apprentice.  Although I have plenty of henchman types I found that the shed had minimal magical support of this low fantasy type. (I can field techno and steam wizards but wanted a more traditional look for this game).

The Soothsayer and his Young Apprentice have a great ‘magic with no weapons’ look to them, so are just what I wanted.


A simple undercoat (while the weather was drier) got me started within a few days of returning to the shed.  My other purchases from Derby were set to go too.


Although he is a Soothsayer, the wizard looks to me like he could hold mastery over any number of magical schools.  Just what I wanted to portray with this figure.  Very easy to paint and a great pose.  My only grumble with this one is that the mould lines run down one side of his face and the flash was quite thick.  It has left him with a somewhat scarred appearance


His faithful apprentice is again a nice generic spellcaster pose, with a look that makes me think of mind reading and telekinesis (shall I kill you with my mind bullets…)

After some thought I decided not to snow their bases, as then they should fit into any game world.


The other Frostgrave purchases from Derby were these treasure piles supplied by the lovely Dice Bag Lady.  They paint up well, I just wish I had the ability to paint gemstones to look like they are gemstones…

Does anyone have the secret to painting gems and glass?

I am willing to learn if you are willing to share?

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