Frostgrave First Play

So, with a crew chosen and painted, the aim was to try out the rules in some simple test games.  Therefore a table would need to be set up…


I am playing Frostgrave as a summertime (less frosty) location!  None of my large selection of scenery is frosty!  Whether I decide to build a table for this and frost it up… Only time will tell.

Also my collected scenery has very few ruins in it. I play a lot of town/ city based skirmish games that are NOT set in a warzone or derelict word, so never needed ruins. That’s something I may see to before long as well.


Frostgrave does need a lot of scenery (thankfully on a 3 foot by 3 foot board that is not so hard to achieve).  Multi level scenery would be good too but that is harder to achieve with the selection I have.


As you can probably guess by now, I got lots of pictures of the board we used, but was so wrapped up in getting the game played, and getting the rules right, that I never took any of the game itself.


Lets say that we found the game to be very good. We played the basic encounter game without a mission for our first try and the rules were easy to follow and simple to understand.  As it uses a D20 for all tests the range of success and loss was huge. This lead to some effects that either had nil effect or were instant kills.  It has been said in some forums that this needs to be roped back in to make it less random.  Personally I feel that if you want to risk a crew member in combat, or try something risky, the game either rewards the planning you make to ensure you outnumber your opponent, or punishes you for not planning ahead.  As it is a campaign based game the effects of these rolls can impact on your next game but any differences that develop should even out after a few games.


I am very pleased with the treasure tokens I have to use with this game.  My only decision is whether to base them or not.


Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Frostgrave First Play”

  1. The treasure tokens look great! I think I’d be tempted to leave them unbased unless you have trouble with the edges breaking.
    I just tried it out the other night myself and I was fine with the d20s. It definitely has a lot of potential to be very lethal overall, but given everybody’s armour it was pretty rare to have somebody die to a single shot. It usually took at least a couple. Especially if cover and intervening terrain started taking effect. As for close combat, we had less of it, but it seemed similar. Potential for kill strikes, but most combats lasted a couple turns…


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