Frostgrave Round Two

Photographing games has become rather erratic lately, due to so many new rule sets (and older ones which we are relearning).  I did get game two of Frostgrave on film though.


We trialled the Mausoleum mission for this game, as the inclusion of wandering monsters would be a fun addition to the basic rules.


Its a simple treasure hunt, with the added problem of skeletons popping up every so often to protect the central building.


But as we didn’t have any skeletons some dinosaurs would have to do as stand in models.  We used skeleton stats and rules but these rather nice children’s toys (available from Toys R Us) based up for some war gaming fun.


The monsters added an interesting aspect that affected the game to a larger degree than expected.  Instead of focusing on attacking each other, we spent a lot of the game avoiding the monsters and trying to get the treasure off the table. Meaning we did not have so many crewmen killed during the game.

One admission though.  Although I have said in the past that the game is balanced, if we don’t rush in, but plan our attacks.

Sadly (or foolishly) I have had my apprentice killed in every game that I have played so far…  And in the post game injury rolls he has never recovered… I am on my 4th apprentice so far…

Maybe I will learn (unlikely).

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