Frostgrave Round Three

Even though I have started a new painting project, I still want to get a few games in. The Frostgrave table has now been setup for a couple of weeks and we have played it a fair bit.  One thing about the game that I cannot complement enough is the potential to roam everywhere on the game board or table.  Roof tops and walls are all fair game.

So, as I cannot yet field a table of ruins and multi level terrain, we tried to get things more mobile by taking the roof of each building and adding a few walkways between them.

It looks a bit odd at first but if I ever get to paint the walkways (perhaps a quick shade of ink would do to weather them) they will fit in more with the remainder of the board.

The addition of the walkways makes a game move upwards as treasure then gets placed everywhere and anywhere.

A couple of the walkways are steep slopes so some balsa strips to allow bases to hold their position fixes the issue of tumbling miniatures when the table gets a gentle knock.

As usual in Frostgrave, I lost my Apprentice to a foolish charge into combat.  Again, I rolled a 1 in the post game recovery phase, meaning he was dead and I would need to spend another 300+ gold to get my self a replacement crew member…

To commemorate one of Veganman’s barbarians completing a truly glorious rampage through my crew, I rewarded him with a new coat of paint.

The figure killed off 3 or 4 of my folks whilst unpainted.  Who knows how this new paintjob will affect his prowess.

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