Steam Wars – Turrets, Tows And Tanks

The painting has not progressed as well as planned over the last couple of weeks.  Some parts of the overall plan have been done, but without the progress I had hoped for, being made. Work, Colds and Xmas do sometimes get in the way of important projects when you least like them to…


The Brass Coffin has been sat in the shed for over a year without any real purpose.  The Steam Wars project has finally given it a place all of its own.  When I put it together it got a spray of grey, and a dark tone wash, then I just sat it to one side. The fact it has no weapons limits its use in any game in my opinion.


A touch of brass and silver matches it into the other Steam Wars vehicles without much effort.  The addition of the spare turret (sent by accident with my West Wind landship) and a couple of Aether weapons and a naval head (from Black Pyramid) and we have a Twin linked light tank.


With another vehicle for the army done, I was pleased to see a package arrive in the shed from Veganman’s vast collection of unpainted purchases.  These were Xmas and Birthday gifts and aptly timed as I thought I would get lots of painting done in the Xmas break.


Three small tanks from Ironclad Miniatures, that I think I recall he had bought at one of the first Birmingham Games Expos.  All still in their boxes and perfect for my slowly growing Naval army.

Sadly a persistent cold and commitments at work continue to keep these unpainted and me out of the shed…


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