Steam Wars – Command And Crew

A few more bits have managed to get passed through the paint table…


The remaining members of my command unit and the spare crew for the Black Pyramid Artillery Train got done at the same time as a pair of HMG teams.


HMG teams were based on MDF 3 part bases so crew can be removed as they get killed. These are actually the 3rd bases they have been glued to as I started square and then went round before finding the removable bases you see before you.


Good job I don’t get that picky too often…  Overall these came out well.  The figures are from Tiger Miniatures and their Bulkan Wars range. Not the best sculpts I have in my collection but they do fit in well with the other figures used for my naval ratings.


The command unit now has (from left to right) a clean and calm Medic, a surly Sergeant, a rugged Engineer, an Able seaman with SMG and a wizened old Captain with one of those new fangled Aether pistols.  These are from a range of Pulp miniatures that I need to find again.


My Black Pyramid artillery now has its correct crew. This does mean that I can field a pair of big guns when we next roll up onto foreign shores and take the battle to the enemies of our (yet unnamed) nation…

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