Ceri Design Mats

Some new mats are on the market after a successful and very well run Kickstarter.


Ceri Design is the effort behind these printed felt mats with photo quality images.


The ‘sublimated artwork’ is nicely coloured and robust so as to keep its image without fading or rubbing off.  I got 3 mats from the kickstarter. Each was only £19 at that time. It would seem the low price is still available from the website today as well.

Mine are a 3’X3′ cobbled road system in scrubland…


…and a 3’X3′ fully cobbled mat. (I also got a Frostgrave themed one as a gift for Veganman, as he is always finding bits and bobs to pass my way…)


All the mats are currently available in 3’X3′ only, but Ceri is looking to continue expanding the range, so I hope that means he will be able to do larger mats in time.

Check them out if you need a small mat or a couple of mats to use together (as I have done here) on a larger table.

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