Steam Wars – Assault Teams

Things have been quiet on the blog with Xmas and New Years causing far too many distractions.  Add to that a plethora of work commitments and family causing even more distraction (a house full of women will do that to you) and I think I have enough excuses for anyone to forgive me my lack of attention.

Grovelling apology over…  I have, however, continued to do some work in the shed.

I gifted these lads to myself over the pre Xmas period and planned to have them done for a big game in the Xmas break.  Half have been completed but the other half remain base coated white while I struggle get back some focus and direction.

The miniatures are from the Ironclad Miniatures British range and are their naval boarding party miniatures.  Some have sword and pistol whilst others are rifle or shotgun armed.

I decided to make 2 squads for Steam Wars. One is a true assault squad mostly armed with pistol and sword. The command figures are a pair of chaps with helmets off.  I added a few pouches and a water bottle from my bits box and made the older chap into a military doctor type, this lets them benefit from some medical support while they are out and about. A slight conversion made to one of the basic troopers gave a special weapon to the team. This was done by simply adding one of Black Pyramids Aether pistols to the model.

Painted in my simple stark white uniform and grey trim they fit in well with the Black Pyramid troopers and add some much needed close combat clout.

With the first 3 done the other 3 were not far behind.  They have now been bloodied in the field but I will let you see them in action later.

The rifle armed troopers I picked up will be more of a Breaching or Storming team. They are made up of heavier weapons options and will be destined to go where everyone else would be reluctant to tread.  It would seem that they are themselves still a little reluctant as they have not managed to face even a paintbrush as yet…

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