Steam Wars – New Tanks And Another Good Game. 

My Ironclad order, put in before Xmas, was made after receiving a gift of these Ironclad Steam Tanks.  Veganman (a beneficiary to the shed on many occasions) donated these unpainted tanks for my growing naval force.  He now has a quite few painted ones and was unlikely to use these ones as he has never picked up a brush in the fourteen years I have known him…

The benefit of a non painting friend is the knowledge that, in time, I may benefit from other impulse purchases.  These tanks got the usual resin treatment, a wash down with soapy water and warm rinse, but dried with a slight sheen that left my undercoat cracked and crazy paved…

I don’t know what caused this but I do wonder if the water was too hot or the drying process too slow.  Whatever it was, I now know my tanks from any others by their distinctive pain job (likely caused by transporting over salty seas…)

One reason for this may be my foolishly rushing to get them ‘table ready’ for a game and not paying enough attention (or being patient enough).  Patience has never been one of my hobby talents.

It was to be Veganman’s initiation into Steam Wars as we had a very large game planned for Xmas and needed another player.

I cobbled a force together from his classic old Mordian Iron Guard and Praetorian Imperial Guard, from his vast, unplayed, 40k collection. They actually did well to look the part with their pith helmets and formal uniforms.

We both had plenty of infantry and a couple of Ironclad steam tanks and set too over a city board with plenty of cover.  The Ceri Design mats I now own managed to set the scene nicely I think.

Praetorian jump troopers took to the centre of the table early on while I advanced on both flanks (why consolidate your efforts when you can spread your force thin on 2 flanks).

Surprisingly I held the centre and the flanks. Somehow I managed to force Veganman to draw more forces away from his attack in the centre, leaving us both spread decidedly thin.

My artillery and HMG teams gave me an edge and I managed to rebuff his attacks long enough to claim a victory.

I was helped by some very lucky artillery dice rolls…

As well as some plucky lone troopers holding their ground against overwhelming odds…

All in all a good game, even if my tanks were rushed into service.  More on the tanks later as I did get to finish them off nicely in the end.

But only when I gave them the time and attention they deserved…

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