Steam Wars – Deck Guns. 

The Steam Wars Navy is coming along nicely and now my mind has turned to smaller jobs, think of it as me putting on some of the finishing touches.

As this is a Naval force I need to add in a few Naval icons.  Making up some deck guns is a nice way to do this. I already have a couple.  One is glued to the front deck of the large paddle steamer that I have. Two more are loose and came with some trucks via eBay.  All of these I recently tracked down on the web and am now fairly sure they are old PMC models.

My paddle steamer and steam launch were both gifts bought over eBay and for a while I thought they were scratch built but now I know better.  The launch is definitely PMC as it is still available on the Miniature Figurines website. Main Gun and HMG as above.

As I can never have enough of a good thing, I have scavenged all over the shed for parts and started building some based on the basic design of the PMC items.

My Black Pyramid towed gun came with a few other weapons options and the autocannon is almost perfect for a deck gun barrel.  Some MDF offcuts and an old tube plug from a broken clothes drier (I’m not proud I will use anything).

The anti air gun is a spare Dust Tactics weapon (again why I bought just one on eBay when the model it comes from needs two, who knows).

When I started, as with a lot of my projects I had no plan.  I found lots of bits and tried to fit them together in the best way I could. The learning opportunities this hobby gives are almost endless…

Gun shields are always good to use to make a mounted gun look the part (and hide your most glaring mistakes).  This one was from an old style GW Rhino I think.  Enlarging the viewing port slightly and turning it upside down worked well enough for me.

Scale wise they are good and not too chunky.  I will leave them loose so they can be used on boats, and on the backs of the multitude of trucks that I have.

Other finishing touches to follow soon…

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