Steam Wars – Work In Progress. 

While I was sorting out a lot of finishing touches to lots of the other bits in the shed, Ironclad decided they would have a sale…

With my mind firmly on deck guns at the moment I decided to pick up some from the sale. As well as a tesla style carriage gun I picked up a couple of heavier tanks in the sale.  John at Ironclad also sorted me out some heavier gun turret parts as well.  These are planned to allow me to ‘up gun’ my existing HMG tanks to proper antitank guns.

These are built, but not yet painted, and as these will be my heaviest tanks I added a couple of extra MGs for good measure (again I did this before considering how they would survive storage in a KR style case).

The first of my home made deck guns got a base white wash as all ships guns need to be painted to stop them rusting…

Not bad as a first try.

The Black Pyramid gun got a Plasticard gun shield. The first time I have tried to work this small with plasticard.

Thankfully it proved easier than I thought.  A thicker gauge card may be easier for fixing of the angle plate next time

Happy with it so far…

I also finally got round to magnetising the hover engines on the steam launch too.  It had taken me so long to do this that the blutac was a pain to remove.  A small touch of paint to mask the magnet slightly then I am good to go.

Oh, and I may need to paint the engines in the long run too…

With some of the bitty jobs done I may be able to get back to a bigger project again soon. Maybe!

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