Police House Finally Gets Some Finishing Touches

Sometimes we all get started on something, then get distracted for one reason or another.  I realised how that presents recently as I was setting up for a purely infantry Steam Wars game.

The game was to playtest Coronasan’s changes to the rules for infantry and close combat.  We have played many Steam Wars games now, and the rules are looking very tidy at the moment. Our playtesting continues though, with just the need for a slight balancing change every so often.  Heavy infantry and their effect on the game is one balance issue we now seem to have straightened out…

However, the moment of clarity I had before that particular game was more about my efforts at scenery collection.  When setting things up, I noted that the Warbases police house and out building that I own was still not finished.

I started this building in late December 2014 as it arrived in the shed as a perfect little Xmas gift.

Back then it was first played in its basic, naked state.

Now in March 2016, a whole 15 months later, I still found it unfinished.  The brick work and painting happened over 6 months ago but the roof remained untouched.

It has, surprisingly though, featured in many games over the time I have owned it.  Each time it was used I never needed to finish the roof because it was never really necessary. One great feature of the Warbases buildings is that the sections are all fairly interchangeable. I had managed to use this building so often because I had ‘borrowed’ a roof from another building each time I needed it for a game.

This game called for a full table of buildings so no spare roof was available this time.

This time I would have to get the job done (at last)…

One reason for not doing it before now is that it is actually a very long, messy and smelly job.  I use lasercut tile sheets made from thick paper and, due to the high number of cuts needed to make it, this stuff gets ash all over the place and leaves you with fingers that smell of burnt paper for days afterwards.

But, once done, the effort is well worth it.

A small lasercut chimney was added from the bits box and the finish is complete.  Well worth the effort but a long time coming. This means all my made up buildings are now fully usable.

Don’t get me started on the fact that I have not actually painted my Sarissa apartment blocks yet or that I have 2 small houses still unstarted from a purchase I made about 2 years ago.

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