Steam Wars – Captain Iron America

The painting queue has again had an influx of lead.  Ant at Black Pyramid has sent me my new infantrymen, which will be the allied marine forces for my Steam Wars naval army.  There are also a few stragglers from the originally undercoated collection, mainly crewmen without guns and a couple of characters with no defined purpose or rules profiles as yet.

John at Ironclad miniatures sent over some gun crew that I had ordered and a very special chap in a set of full and shiny armour.

As we needed to playtest heavy infantry I needed to get as many armoured chaps on the table as I could.  So, the newly named ‘Captain Iron America’ got promoted to the top of that oh so slow moving queue.

Very easy to paint in brass and silver. I have not quite finished with this chap yet, as I plan to find a small flag or stars and bars decal for his shoulder to keep him in line with the US Navy theme.

But even in his unfinished state he stands proudly next to his fellow ratings. How he will fare as a solitary figure in our Steam Wars games only time will tell.  I may need to find some friends for him to lead if he proves too weak as a solitary fighter.

So far, looking good.

About the only photo that came out any good from our game was this shot, that nicely shows the cluttered claustrophobic environment we wanted to test out our little men in.  It also shows the ships doctor riding to war in his ironclad bucket car…

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