Steam Wars – Deck Guns Finished

I have finally finished the Deck Gun mounts for casting by Black Pyramid.  These have taken far longer than expected and run to a couple of more items than I planned.  Hopefully the guys will like them and will be able to get the casts done as planned.

I have enjoyed the whole learning process and cant wait to see what the final items will be like.  I just hope they come out as well as I wanted.

One thing I have learned is that I HATE plasticard.  Not only is it unforgiving and shows every mark and miss cut. It also proves I cannot cut a straight line to save my life, and that’s with a new scalpel blade and metal ruler…

These early shots of the gun shields were ok but as soon as I try to cut curves…  Air turns blue…

Mock up with sellotape instead of welding.

Its the moment you know what final look you want but cant always get that final shape cut…

The twin Missile mount is one of my favourite pieces.

Attempted to show the ignition wires and a control panel too.

View ports were requested but are a pain to cut. An embossed panel does the trick and can be should be easily painted to show its position better.

Thank heaven for nail art gems. They provided the majority of the rivets on most parts and meant that I did not have to rely on my punch tool so much.

Some gun shield parts were designed to fit more than one mount to reduce the number of moulds needed.  All in all a nice set and a good learning opportunity for me.

Now that these have been sent off I have had time to get back to my own guns as the Navy boys need to arm their boats while the casting is done…

All guns were white washed a while back…

The lazy painter in me decided a dirty water wash was enough to get the details to stand out.

Looks like he might have been right for once…

As the boats are mainly white or beige and washed in the same way these will fit in fine.

Even the small HMG looks to have benefitted from a simple white and wash treatment.

Now the naval gun mounts are all done I need to get back to some real painting.

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