Small Changes And Big Benefits

One thing I have wanted to do for some weeks now is tidy the shed.  I’ve got to the point where everything has been got out and been used on one of a myriad of projects and now I can’t find a thing…

Anyone who knows me well will know that I have been searching for a cheap/ old writing bureau.  One that folds out when it is in use, and either rolls away or closes to hide the mess I tend to make.

This has been an on-going search with little success.  Until now…

One natty little bureau, open and working, closed and tidy.

I have also been trying to get some display cabinets for the back of the shed. A couple of these turned up over the last few weeks and have been shoehorned into the ever filling, TARDIS like shed. (Please note the mid shelf recess – I am proud to say that I did manage to cut that straight. Well, mostly straight.)

Also, I have always (for no apparent reason) painted at the back of the shed and gamed at the front.  I suppose that this became habit so that I could leave my mess out when gaming.  However, it also meant I was painting in the darkest recesses of the shed.  Obvious to all except me, that may not have been the best place to paint…

A quick shift around with the old and new furniture and all is now more inline with the positive Feng Shui.

Now however, I can paint in daylight and also close up to game in safety.  All this can be done without any fuss and with minimal effort.  Also, while I am off making the tea, my visitors can spend their time looking at some of my better bits and bobs behind my posh new glass doors.

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