Finishing Touches And New Projects

After tidying my workspace, it has become obvious that the unfinished jobs in the shed, things that I have either planned or only started, FAR outweigh the finished projects…

I guess that that is the nature of wargaming as a hobby.  I often hear of the mountains of unpainted lead that people own, and aspire to paint, compared to their small hills of finished armies.

While I was moving things about I started a list of the items I found that were still in need of being finished.  Some were quick jobs (supposedly quick, but that I had still not done them, proves I had never found the time).  Things like the simple drybrushing of a couple of stone buildings to get them ready for the table.  Things like a small boat that just needs a basic brown paint job and wash…

Other jobs were things I had done most of and never quite got round to finishing.  Things like basing these knights properly.  I even used them in a couple of games with unfinished bases, the shame of it…

Some things were easily sorted…  Finding a home for things not needing anything finishing on them. Like these new fish tank shrines.

In the end I stopped writing the list as after it got to 2 sides of paper without covering everything I found, it began to look like a real mountain of work…  Time for some positivity and quick wins. So, I decided to leave a couple of bits on the paint table and get them done before I tidied them away. Bases for knights – Tick.

New base for the old general – Easy…

Now, what else can I get done before I get side-tracked again?


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