Dust Tactics – First Game In 6 Months

Because we have spent so much time playing Steam Wars, and probably due to my past boredom with painting grey uniforms, we haven’t played Dust Tactics very much lately.  Before the Steam Wars push, I had a decent run on painting Dust Tactics figures and used the ‘paint it to play it’ method.  This got a good number of my Axis troops and walkers painted.

We decided to pull the figures out again recently and, even though I didn’t get any photos of the actual game taken, I did manage to get a good table set up that made use of the train set I got for Xmas.

By using a few buildings as engine sheds and by using the odd warehouse, we effectively played across a shipping yard and over some railroad tracks.

One outcome of this game (a more pleasant loss than I could have ever hoped for) was the realisation that I had now painted up a good number of my Axis figures.  However, the majority of these were what might be described as specialists or elites.  Lots of lasers, zombies and apes.  This mix is destined to be fun and pleasantly thematic but is ultimately flawed for balanced gameplay.

So, time to paint up some new troops so that something new can be played.  But, what do I need to paint???

Grunts…  My paint table will be full of good, old fashioned, 5 man infantry units.  By next game my plan is to paint up 4 units of Axis Grenadiers or their equivalent.

Oh, and I will be painting some new editions to the collection too…  5 rocket troopers from the new German starter set.  Lovely figures, but only size 1 infantry, so I expect them to die fairly quickly.

To make up for the weaker infantry, and to stop me getting repetitive strain injury from painting all those infantry figures, I will also be trying to finish a huge heavy Axis walker…

A walker and 25 men. All before the next game…  Wish me luck.

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