Dust Tactics – Painting Queue Jumpers

The Dust Tactics painting marathon (yes I have bitten off more than I can chew) continues.  As expected, the Axis Rocket Troopers have jumped up the painting queue.  They are the latest purchases for this game, and have managed to get themselves painted before figures I have owned for 2 years…

Simple paint jobs are the best way to paint Dust models I find.  Being sold ‘pre-primed’ in grey, they are ready for paint without any preparation. A few colours (flesh, black, silver and a couple of browns in this case) are all that are needed to get an acceptable table-top finish.  I have seen these painted very well by others. That is something I never seem able to do as well as I would like.

I have also added a MG squad and an anti-tank squad so feel I am doing ok at this point (it helps that our game has been delayed a couple of times due to mine and Coronasan’s work commitments).  Extra painting time always helps.

The anti-tank squad comes with an alternate figure so you can add some firepower at the exclusion of a different figure.

I decided to add a couple of alternate medium walker weapon options to the paint queue.  This would allow me to field 2 artillery walkers in the same game if I felt I needed to.

The heavy walker is a real beast with gun barrels longer than its frame on both of its weapon options.

Part way through the painting process I managed to drop the cab and break off not one, but both, of the hull mounted MG barrels!  2 full minutes of swearing was followed by 20 minutes of very careful drilling and inserting of 1mm steel tube…

While I wait for the game to be rescheduled, I may get a few more infantry done, but even though I am not finished, I feel I have done well.

15 men, a set of artillery tubes for a medium walker and a whole lot of heavy walker…

She’s a pretty fearsome beast.  Lets hope Coronasan sees her as such and overthinks his game as a result!

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